Meet Annette Faber

Hi! I’m Annette, and I love people. I am married to a great guy named Steve, and I have three boys, one girl, two grandchildren, and a mini Goldendoodle.

My top two strengths are capacity to love and gratitude. I love to help people! Whether it is playing keyboard with the band at church or hosting friends in our home, it fuels my soul to know that I am being genuinely helpful to someone else.

The Backstory 

Around the time my second son was born, I learned to smock and make heirloom children’s clothing. (My great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt, and mom all sewed. I come by this passion honestly!)

When my little girl was born, I decided to teach heirloom sewing in my home. After a year and a half, I realized windows were where the real fun was. My background in smocking and English hand sewing techniques blend well with my current work, and I love to find ways to incorporate these skills.

The Values

Since I was very young, I was taught that we should always keep our word, give more than expected, work hard, and live with integrity. These are the core values of my business and I strive to live by them every day.

The Business

Although this started out as a hobby, it is now a serious, full-time business. I have processes and procedures that keep things running smoothly and a workroom that is fully furnished with a 12 foot work table and five industrial sewing machines. I also constantly further my skill set and education by attending window treatment classes and conferences, working with a business coach, participating in a mastermind group for custom workrooms, and attending business retreats.

The Collaboration

Hand smocked drapery panels anyone? Or hand sewn trim? We can do that! I have had extensive training at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy, and if you can draw it – I can make it. Sewing for interior designers allows me to be part of the process of creating beautiful spaces for others.

It brings me great joy to serve the designers that partner with our company. When a new job arrives in my workroom, it’s like Christmas morning every time. If you view your projects as unparalleled art, if your clients desire custom furnishings, and if you want to deliver a high quality project while also freeing up your precious time, let's work together.