The Story Behind   Our Name


At the age of 40, I found out that I was having another baby. Since I already had three sons, I begged God to give me a girl, knowing this would be my last chance.

Sure enough, our little surprise was a girl.

...and since babies come to us naked, I started sewing like a crazy woman in order to have a wardrobe of smocked dresses for my little treasure to wear. (Yes, I was that excited!) When Kaylee was born, we took a wardrobe of beautifully handmade dresses for her to model. Nurses would come into my room each day and ask to see what she was wearing.

About a year and a half later, I got a job making valances and that proved to be the turning point for me. I went to the Custom Furnishings Academy and earned a certification in Window Treatments, and the business became Kaylee’s Creations, LLC. 

Kaylee is now 13 and plans to become a mechanical engineer. Although she may never own or run this business, she will always be my precious muse.